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Народная сказка The Sly Fox and the Little Red HenНародная сказка The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen.

Based on a traditional folk tale
Retold by Mandy Ross

Once there was a little red hen. She lived in a little red henhouse, safe and sound, with a little blue door and windows all around.

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Сказка на английском языке Аленький цветочекСказка для детей «Аленький цветочек» на английском.

Once upon a time in a far away land a merchant was preparing to set out on a long journey. This merchant had three daughters, and he asked all of them what they would like as gifts for themselves when he returned from his voyage.

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Жар-птица. Сказка на английском языкеЖар-птица. Сказка для детей на английском языке.

In a far away land a thief was stealing golden apples which had the power of bestowing youth and beauty from Tsar Berendey`s magic Garden. The guards

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Сказка на английском языке. Царь СалтанЦарь Салтан. Сказка на английском.

Once upon a time in a far away land Tsar Saltan sat listening to the future plans of three sisters. One of these sisters said that she wanted to give birth to a great warrior, and employ the other two sisters in her charge.

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Сказка Крошечка-Хаврошечка на английском языкеСказка Крошечка-Хаврошечка на английском языке


There are good people in the world and some who are not so good. There are also people who are shameless in their wickedness. 

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Детская сказка Снегурочка на английском языкеСказка на английском языке Снегурочка.

SNOWMAIDEN (first version)

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a peasant woman looked out the window of her cottage to watch the village children play in the snow. She did this often because, although she led a very happy life with her husband, there was still a longing in her heart. The woman and her husband had no children of their own, and their biggest wish was to one day be able to watch their own child play in the snow.

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Сказка на английском Лиса и журавль с переводомСказка на английском языке с переводом.

The fox and the crane

Лиса и журавль

The fox made friends with the crane. The fox once had a notion to treat the crane to dinner and went to invite him to her house.

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Сказка на английском языке Золотая рыбкаСказка на английском языке Золотая рыбка.


Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a very poor couple in a shack not far from the edge of the sea. Their only means of food was the fish that the old man caught in the sea. One morning, as was his usual routine, the fisherman took his fishing net down to the sea.

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Сказка на английском языке Златовласка и 3 медведяСказка на английском языке «Златовласка и 3 медведя».

Goldilocks and the three bears.

Once upon a time there were three bears who lived together in their own little house in the wood. There was a great big father bear, a middle sized mother bear and a little baby bear. They each had a special bowl for porridge, a special chair for sitting in and a special bed to sleep in. One morning the mother bear made the porridge for breakfast

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Сказка на английском языке Заяц и черепаха Сказка на английском языке «Заяц и черепаха».

The hare and the tortoise.

In the forest there was a clearing were many animals gather each evening after going to the river to drink. The tortoise was usually the last to arrive and the other animals would laugh at him as he plodded into the clearing.