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Topics in English. HalloweenЗамечательный топик, который расскажет вам о празднике Хэллоуин.



Halloween is a festival that takes place on October 31. In the United States children wear costumes and masks and go trick-or-treating. Many of them carve jack-o'-lantens out of pumpkins. Fortunetelling and storytelling about ghosts and witches are popular activities. 

Halloween developed from new year festivals and festivals of the dead. Christian church established a festival on November 1 called All Saints' Day so that people could continue to celebrate their festivals.

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Internet and Modern LifeАктуальный топик на английском языке. Internet and Modern Life 

The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. Everybody knows that the Internet is a global computer network, which embraces hundred of millions of users all over the world and helps us to communicate with each other.

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Топик The InternetИнтересный топик про Интернет - The Internet.

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English topic DrugsТопик на английском «Наркотики», является очень важным для молодежи.



More people are abusing drugs today than in any other time in history of mankind, and many of those people are youth.

Understanding what drugs are is fundamental for understanding their potential abuse. Drugs are a psychoactive substance. 

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Братья Гримм. Красная ШапочкаСказка Б.Гримм Красная шапочка на английском языке.


Many years ago there lived a dear little girl who was beloved by every one who knew her; but her grand-mother was so very fond of her that she never felt she could think and do enough to please this dear grand-daughter, and she presented the little girl with a red silk cap, which suited her so well, that she would never wear anything else, and so was called Little Red-Cap.

One day Red-Cap's mother said to her, "Come, Red-Cap,

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Сказка «Золушка» на английском. Б.Гримм.

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Сказка Б.Гримм СнегурочкаGrimm Brother. Little Snow White.

It was in the middle of winter, when the broad flakes of snow were falling around, that a certain queen sat working at her window, the frame of which was made of fine black ebony; and, as she was looking out upon the snow, she pricked her finger, and three drops of blood fell upon it. Then she gazed thoughtfully down on the red drops which sprinkled the white snow and said, "Would that my little daughter may be as white as that snow, as red as the blood, and as black as the ebony window-frame!" And so the little girl grew up; her skin was a white as snow, her cheeks as rosy as blood, and her hair as black as ebony; and she was called Snow-White.

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Snow-White and Rose-RedБелоснежка и Розочка - сказка для детей Б.Гримм.

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Б.Гримм Одноглазка, Двуглазка и ТрехглазкаСказка Б.Гримм «Одноглазка, Двуглазка и Трехглазка» на английском языке с переводом.

"Little One-eye, Two-eyes, and Three-eyes". 

Once upon a time there was a Woman, who had three daughters, the eldest of whom was named One-Eye, because she had but a single eye, and that placed in the middle of her forehead; the second was called Two-Eyes, because she was like other mortals; and the third, Three-Eyes, because she had three eyes,

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Topic in English Sports and GamesС помощью топика "Sports and Games" вы сможете выучить названия видов спорта на английском языке.

People all over the world are very fond of sports and games. That is one thing in which people of every nationality and class are united.

The most popular outdoor winter sports are shooting, hunting, hockey and in the countries where the weather is frosty and there is much snow-skating, skiing and tobogganing. Some people greatly enjoy figure-skating and ski-jumping.