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English topic - PaintingПознавательный топик на английском языке "Painting" расскажет вам о таком виде исскуства как живопись.

Painting direct application of pigment to a surface to produce by tones of color or of light and dark some representation or decorative arrangement of natural or imagined forms. 

See also articles on individual painters, e.g., Rubens ; countries, e.g., Dutch art ; periods, e.g., Renaissance art and architecture ; techniques, e.g., encaustic . 
Materials and Techniques 

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NewspapersИнтересный топик на английском "Newspapers". С его помощью вы пополните словарный запас и сможете рассказать, какие газеты вы читаете.

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Проблемы подростковТопик на английском языке "Проблемы подростков" - "Teenagers and Their Problems".

There are many young people in our country. Teenagers are a group of young people of the age of thirteen – nineteen years old.

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English topic - Healthy lifestyleТопик на английском языке про Здоровый образ жизни.

Healthy lifestyle


Nowadays our life is getting more and more tense. People live under the press of different problems, such as social, ecological, economic and others. They constantly suffer from stress, noise and dust in big cities, diseases and instability. A person should be strong and healthy in order to overcome all difficulties. To achieve this aim people ought to take care of their physical and mental health. There are several ways to do it.

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Topics in English. HealthC помощью топика на английском языке «Health» вы пополните свой словарный запас на медицинскую тематику. Ниже вы найдете перевод на русском языке.

When we are ill, we call a doctor, and he examines us and diagnoses the illness. When we have a headache, a stomach ache, a sore throat, a cold, or a pain in some parts of the body, we call a doctor. He takes our temperature and our pulse. He examines our heart, our lungs, our stomach or the part where we have pain, and tells us what the matter is with us.

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Summer and Winter SportsТопик "Summer and Winter Sports" на английском с переводом на русский язык, который расскажет вам о летних и зимних видах спорта.

People all over the world are very fond of sports and games. That is one of the things in which people of every nationality and class are united.

The most popular outdoor winter sports are shooting, hunting, hockey and,

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English topics. Спорт в миреЗамечательный топик на английском языке "Sports in the world" - познакомит вас с миром спорта.

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Английские праздники. Thanksgiving DayThanksgiving Day - топик, который расскажет вам о  Дне благодарения.

There is one day a year when all Americans stay home with their families and eat a big dinner. This is Thanksgiving Day.

The pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day in the fall of 1621. The pilgrims sailed to America on board the "Mayflower" ship for religious freedom. They were among the first European settlers in America.

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April Fool’s DayТопик на английском языке "April Fool’s Day"


День Дурака - 1 апреля

April Fool’s Day or all Fool’s Day is the first of April. The fun of the holiday is to play silly but harmless jokes on family members and friends. The victim of these jokes is called an April fool.

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Grimm Brothers The Golden GooseСказка Б.Гримм "Золотой гусь" на английском языке.


There was once a man who had three sons. The youngest was called Dummerly, and was on all occasions scorned and ill-treated by the whole family. It happened that the eldest took it into his head one day to go into the forest to cut wood; and his mother gave him a delicious meat pie and a bottle of wine to take with him, that he might sustain himself at his work. As he went into the forest, a little old man bid him good day, and said, "Give me a little bit of meat from your plate, and a little wine out of your flask; I am very hungry and thirsty." But this clever young man said, "Give you my meat and wine! No, I thank you; there would not be enough left for me;"