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  17 февраля 2010   5548  |  0
Сказка для детей Г.Х.Андерсена «Рассказы солнечного луча»Сказка Hans Christian Andersen "Sunshine Stories"  на английском и русском языках.

NOW I am going to tell a story,” said the Wind. 

“Excuse me,” said the Rain, “but now it is my turn—, you have been howling round the corner as hard as ever you could, this long time past.” 

“Is that your gratitude toward me?” said the Wind. 

  17 февраля 2010   3165  |  0
Andersen «The Butterfly»Сказка H. Ch. Andersen "The Butterfly" на английском языке с переводом на русский.

There was once a butterfly who wished for a bride, and, as may be supposed, he wanted to choose a very pretty one from among the flowers. He glanced, with a very critical eye, at all the flower-beds, and found that the flowers were seated quietly and demurely on their stalks, just as maidens should sit before they are engaged;

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Г.Х.Андерсен «Ребячья болтовня»Children's Prattle - сказка Г.Х.Андерсена на английском.

At a rich merchant's house there was a children's party, and the children of rich and great people were there. The merchant was a learned man, for his father had sent him to college, and he had passed his examination. His father had been at first only a cattle dealer, but always honest and industrious, so that he had made money, and his son, the merchant, had managed to increase his store. Clever as he was, he had also a heart; but there was less said of his heart than of his money.

  17 февраля 2010   3085  |  0
Сказка Г.Х.Андерсена «Свинья-копилка»Сказка на английском языке Hans Christian Andersen "The Money-Box"

In a nursery where a number of toys lay scattered about, a money-box stood on the top of a very high wardrobe. It was made of clay in the shape of a pig, and had been bought of the potter. In the back of the pig was a slit, and this slit had been enlarged with a knife, so that dollars, or crown pieces, might slip through; and, indeed there were two in the box, besides a number of pence.

  17 февраля 2010   3673  |  0

Hans Christian Andersen «The Snow Man»Сказка Hans Christian Andersen "The Snow Man".

IT is so delightfully cold,” said the Snow Man, “that it makes my whole body crackle. This is just the kind of wind to blow life into one. How that great red thing up there is staring at me!” He meant the sun, who was just setting. “It shall not make me wink. I shall manage to keep the pieces.” 

He had two triangular pieces of tile in his head, instead of eyes; his mouth was made of an old broken rake, and was, of course, furnished with teeth. He had been brought into existence amidst the joyous shouts of boys, the jingling of sleigh-bells, and the slashing of whips. The sun went down, and the full moon rose, large, round, and clear, shining in the deep blue.

  16 февраля 2010   5519  |  0
Riddles in EnglishИнтересные загадки для детей на английском языке, которые пополнят знания языка и немного развлекут.

Two brothers we are,
Greate burdens we bear,
On which we are bitterly pressed;
The truth is to say,

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Загадки на английском языкеОтличные развивающие загадки на английском языке.

1) What kind of clothes do lawyers wear? (Lawsuits)
2) What do you have if an ax falls on your car? (An ax-i-dent (accident))
3) What is in the army and is corny? (A colonel (kernel))
4) What do you call a man when a Marine sits on him? (Submarine)

  16 февраля 2010   7826  |  1
Английские шарадыШарады для детей на английском языке.

-My first is the two letters which begin the alphabet,
-My second is the Past Tense of the verb "to send",
-My whole is the antonim of present ... 
(Absent )

  16 февраля 2010   1688  |  0
Г.Х.Андерсен «Отпрыск райского растения»Сказка на английском языке. Hans Christian Andersen «A Leaf from Heaven».

High up in the clear, pure air flew an angel, with a flower plucked from the garden of heaven. As he was kissing the flower a very little leaf fell from it and sunk down into the soft earth in the middle of a wood. It immediately took root, sprouted, and sent out shoots among the other plants. 

  16 февраля 2010   2829  |  0
Hans Christian Andersen «Our Aunt»Сказка Г.Х.Андерсена "Тетушка"на английском языке с переводом на русском.
You ought to have known our aunt; she was charming! That is to say, she was not charming at all as the word is usually understood; but she was good and kind, amusing in her way, and was just as any one ought to be whom people are to talk about and to laugh at. She might have been put into a play, and wholly and solely on account of the fact that she only lived for the theatre and for what was done there. She was an honorable matron; but Agent Fabs, whom she used to call “Flabs,” declared that our aunt was stage-struck.